How To Plead Not Guilty For Traffic Violation in New Jersey NJMC Court?

Getting a parking ticket is a prevalent part of daily life. It happens and can be quite pestering. While most people tend to pay for their ticket and ignore the matter, not looking into it much, many people feel that they are not guilty of it. They think wrongly accused when they receive a parking ticket and wish to plead guilty, justifiable. In such cases, they want to fight their case for this offense. There is an elaborate process to do this. 

What Happens When You Get a Parking Ticket?

When you get a parking ticket in New Jersey, there are two possible scenarios. The first being you can pay for your parking ticket online by visiting the website Another option is if you feel you are not guilty of the violation, you can fight your case against the offense by going to the municipal court. This process will finally decide if you are guilty of the breach and deserve the parking ticket.

The chances of this happening are significantly less. However, if you strongly feel about this, then you must fight for your rights. If you accept the ticket and pay the fine, that will add violation points to your driving license, and then that will again require you to pay surcharges. When this goes on, after a certain point in time, the driving license will be canceled. Thus, if you feel that you have been careful enough and wrongfully given the parking ticket, then you must fight your case by pleading not guilty in the New Jersey Municipal Court.

How To Plead Not Guilty in NJMC?

When you have decided to fight your case, then you need to follow the following steps:

  1. The first and most important thing to do in this case is to read the parking ticket you received thoroughly and understand it correctly. It would be best if you had a comprehensive idea of why you received the parking ticket in the first place.
  2. Your ticket contains a lot of details necessary for your case, including the date. You should never forget the date. 
  3. You must attend the court on the given date to fight our case. But in case you have just been given a date to pay the fine on your parking ticket, then you must appear in court a day before that date. 
  4. If you fail to comprehend something and have doubts in your mind, then call the New Jersey court clerk. They will provide you with their full support and assistance regarding your ticket. 
  5. Despite following all these steps, if you still feel that you cannot plead guilty for any reason, you can appear in front of a judge and raise your concerns. In this case, it is also advisable to hire a lawyer. It will be of tremendous help. They will provide you with accurate counsel and guide you on what would be best suitable to do next.


A parking ticket may seem like an insignificant matter and not something that deserves our utmost concern and attention in the busy day-to-day lives. But they can be cumbersome and can even result in getting your license suspended.

They also come with annual fines and surcharges. So if you feel you are not guilty and should not have received a parking ticket, you can plead not guilty in court and fight your case. If you can prove yourself not guilty, then not only will it serve you justice but also free you from the violation points that could result in your license being suspended. There are a series of steps to be followed for this to happen conveniently for you.