How To Know If Your License is Expired?

Having a valid and adequately working license is highly necessary. A driving license is a legal document. It is the actual proof that you are fit to drive and operate a vehicle. Thus it is crucial to keep your consent up to date. If you have an expired license and continue going with it, you can be heavily penalized for breaking the law. Apart from that, your insurance company will refuse to settle your claims if you have a dead right in case of an accident. Thus it is essential to renew your license upon expiration regularly. 

It is effortless to renew your license using online methods. But first of all, you must ensure your request is expired or has been suspended by N.J. Municipal court. This is because, in case of your license expiration, you will have to deal with the NJ MVC (New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission), while in case of a suspension, you will have to deal with the New Jersey Municipal court. Both of them function very differently.

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The NJ Municipal court suspends your license once the maximum traffic violation point limits are reached. The NJ MVC makes a record of this suspension; in this case, you will be able to reapply for your license restoration after a certain period. Before applying for the repair, you must clear all the outstanding past ticket violation bills and surcharges. 

NJMCDirect License Plate expiry

How to Get Your NJ License Back?

First of all, to know the reason for the suspension of your license, you can contact the NJ MVC through the contact numbers – (609) 292-6500 [Paid line] or 1-888-486-3339 (toll-free number). You can ask for any information regarding your license on this call. Since the NJ MVC has all your driving records on a file, it is a great source to obtain that information. It is also essential to keep yourself updated with your driving record information. The following information can be inquired for:

  • The time you will have to wait to restore your license.
  • Any surcharges that you might owe to the NJ MVC and its details.
  • You might have to complete any MVC license restoration programs, like the DRC or Defence Driving Course. This is for those cases where the license might have been suspended because of Aggressive driving or Drunk driving cases. 

Suppose N.J has suspended your license. Municipal court, you can get information about this from the NJ MVC. You can even request for this information to be mailed to your address. This will require a fee of $15 and will be sent to your home address. 

Methods of Paying N.J. License Restoration Fee

The restoration fee for your New Jersey is $100. You can pay this fee online or offline, depending on your convenience. The various methods of this are:

  1.  To pay the fee online, you must go to the NJ MVC official online payment page. Other requirements are: 
  • Your Area Zipcode must be the same as your driving license record.
  •  Social Security Number (SSN).
  •  Driving license number with no spaces
  • Payment can be made with a credit card or debit card.
  1. You can also pay the fee at your nearby NJ MVC office. 
  2. A cheque can also be issued, or a money order payable to the NJ MVC. You must send the payment and driving license information to the following address. 

New Jersey Motor Vehicle

Commission, P.O. Box 140,


NJ 08650-0140