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Even though you do it accidentally, you will be given a ticket for the traffic violation, i.e., you need to pay the fine. For paying the fine usually, you must visit the court but not now because you can pay your ticket fines online through NJMCDirect. NJMCDirect is an online Ticket Payment Portal that will provide you NJ Ticket Prefix Code, and with that code, you will be free yourself from any NJ Ticket Fines. It would help if you stood in long queues for paying the NJ Ticket fines in Court. But instead, you can visit the NJMCDirect site to avoid standing in long lines. Don’t you think this is great news?

NJMCDirect is an online portal where you can pay fines. The official website of NJMCDirect is www.NJMCDirect.com. It will provide you with a Prefix Code using which you can pay your ticket fines. This is an easy way to pay the fines since you can avoid the visit to the court. This will save you time because you will need only a few minutes to pay the ticket fines online through this site. This portal can be accessed easily from anywhere. Using this portal, you can make an online payment, and it is straightforward and comfortable compared with manual payment. And, the transactions are also quick and secure. You don’t need to find the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission location and hours since NJMCDirect is the best option for us. I think it is a benefit to all people who hate standing in long queues. Below, we have provided much more information regarding NJMCDirect. Check them in the below section.

NJMCDirect Pay Traffic Ticket Bill 

How To Find Traffic Ticket on NJMCDirect?

  • On the Official NJMCDirect Portal, www.njmcdirect.com, select the njmcdirect ticket. 
  • Find the option named ‘NJMCDirect Home’ near the traffic ticket option at the screen’s right corner. 
  • On the same page, you will be able to find the Traffic Ticket and Time Payment Order.
  • Select the Traffic Ticket option. 
  • Enter your details in the respective fields like Court name/id, prefix, license plate number, and ticket payment. 
  • All the information can be found easily on the traffic ticket. 

Note:- If you are not aware of your traffic ticket, you can quickly look it up. You can check it from the Municipal Court Case Search website or directly contact the municipal court. 


NJMCDirect Pay- What will you need?

If you want to use the NJ Ticket Prefix Code to pay the fine online, you will require few things. It would help if you made these things ready for using the NJ Ticket Prefix Code from NJMCDirect Pay Ticket Service. Below are the things you will require to pay the NJMCDirect ticket at New Jersey Meadowlands Commission Direct.

  1. Traffic Ticket-It is essential to have a parking or traffic ticket because it is used as proof. It must be legal. Whenever you attempt a traffic violation, the officers will give you that ticket. The ticket will have the Court ID and Ticket Number on it. And, the type of traffic violation that you have done will also be mentioned on the ticket. Without this ticket, you can’t complete the payment process.
  2. License Plate Number-You will also require the License Plate Number, which can be easily found on your driving license. As we all know, the License Plate Number is available under the vehicle information.
  3. Credit Card-As you are paying the fines through the www.NJMCDirect.com website, it is usual that the payment is in online mode. And, for online payment, you will require a credit card or debit card. You can use MasterCard and VISA Card for this purpose.
  4. NJMCDirect Hours of Operation-No doubt this is an easy way to pay NJ Ticket fines through this online Payment Portal, but you need to know the website’s hours of operation. However, NJMC Portal provides its services at particular times, i.e., it is not available for 24 hours, and as a result, you cannot access this site at any time. Here are the NJMCDirect Hours of Operation-From Monday to Thursday, you can access the website from 7.30 AM to 11.45 PM. On Friday, you can use the services from 7.30 AM to 10.45 PM. On Saturday, the payment process starts from 7.30 AM to 3.45 PM. And, on Sunday, you can complete the payment from 1 PM to 11.45 PM.
  5. A Mobile Device or PC or Laptop with Internet access.

Make sure that you must make a note of the schedule of NJMCDirect payment. Also, ensure that you are paying your fines before the due date to avoid the extra cost.

NJMCDirect Payment Portal – How to Access the Site?

After making all the things ready, you can access the NJMCDirect Payment Portal. The NJMCDirect Payment process is simple and easy. Below, we have provided the steps to access the NJMCDirect Payment Portal.


Steps by step guide to Pay Traffic Ticket Bill Online NJMCDirect

  1. Open the Browser.
  2. Visit the official website of NJMCDirect or click on NJMCDirect
  3. There you will find an option called ‘Traffic Ticket Search’ or ‘Time Payment Order.’
  4. Click on that to start the payment process.
  5. You need to enter the Court ID, Ticket Prefix, Ticket Number, and License Plate Number in the required fields.
  6. Then, click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  7. After that, you will find two options. View NJMCDirect Ticket and 2.Process NJMCDirect Ticket Payment.
  8. You will have to choose one option based on your need.
  9. The first option will only show the ticket, and the second option will start the payment process.
  10. You need to pay the ticket fine using a Credit card or Debit Card (VISA or MasterCard).

You can also check the transaction details at NJMCDirect. This portal will have the information related to your transaction for 90 days; if you cannot find any word or face any issues during payment, you must immediately contact the NJMCDirect Customer Service Team.


What Are The Advantages of Paying Traffic Ticket Payment Online Through www.njmdirect.com?  

  • Convenience:- By only paying a little extra money, you can quickly settle your traffic issues in $4 without visiting your nearby court physically.
  • Speedy Settlement of Fines:- You can quickly pay through online mode by leveraging within a few minutes. 
  • Security To Your Personal Information:- Your confidentiality is guaranteed by working on NJMCDirect online portal. This is a massive advantage in comparison to solving the entire process on your own. Attending the courts physically is more costly, time-consuming, and requires paperwork, writing, and delivering checks. 

NJMCDirect Customer Service Team – Contact Details

  • Phone Number-973 284 4945
  • Fax-973 284 4914
  • Office Address-NJMC Public Safety Building, 2nd Floor, 228 Chestnut Street
  • NJMC Office Hours-Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM


NJMCDirect Working Hours

  • You have the freedom by New Jersey Court to settle your payments as per your schedule. The Traffic ticket payment online portal, www.njmcdirect.com, is open from 7:30 AM to 11:15 PM EST from Monday to Saturday. 
  • The opening time of Sunday is exceptional; it is from 1:00 PM EST.
  • The closing hours of NJMCDirect vary at regular intervals.
  • The closing time of NJMCDirect from Sunday to Thursday is 11:45 PM EST. There is an exception on Friday and Saturday as the closing hours on these days are 10:45 PM and 3:45 PM, respectively. 


NJMCDirect Payment Portal – Benefits

  1. Fast-This online payment portal offers a fast way of transaction. You will need only a few minutes to process the payment. It is a quick way when compared with manual payment.
  2. Secure – This portal is secure. It keeps the information confidential, i.e., about the users’ payment and traffic violation and their personal data. New Jersey Court provides a high quality of security. Nobody can access your information except the New Jersey Court Employees.
  3. Convenient-It provides convenience to the users by the effective payment method. And, you don’t need to visit the NJM court. You only need to pay an extra $1 to $4 for all the transactions, which is very cheap and affordable.

A surcharge is defined as an extra charge added to the stated price of goods or services. It can be added to an existing tax or as a standalone charge. Surcharges can be added as a temporary measure or as a regular permanent measure. There are many kinds of surcharges.

They can be very complicated, and dealing with them can be cumbersome. To deal with them properly, you need to have a proper idea of how they work and how to pay them conveniently. DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) imposed surcharges can be especially challenging to deal with. But there is an easy way to pay them – online. 


How do DMV Surcharges work in New Jersey?

Before paying any surcharge, it is essential that you completely understand what it is and why you are paying it. In New Jersey, DMV charges are imposed when you break a traffic rule. In such a case, a ticket is issued to the violator. At the same time, a certain number of points will be added to their driving license. When these points exceed over six over three years, a fine of $100 will be charged annually for the next three years. In addition to this, for every extra point over six, an additional charge of $25 will be added.

For example, if you have nine violation points over 36 months, then you will have to pay $100, plus $75 for your three additional points, making it a total of $175 every year for three years. It will add up to a total of $525 over the tie of three years. Apart from that, other DMV charges imposed are as follows:

  1. Operating a vehicle with no driving license or an expired permit generates a surcharge of $100.
  2. Surcharge for a suspended driving license is $250 annually.
  3. Driving an uninsured vehicle can cause a surcharge of $250 annually.
  4. She was driving while intoxicated is a surcharge of $1500 per annum. 


Methods to Pay Your NJSurcharge in New Jersey

There are majorly four different methods to pay your surcharge. These are as follows:

  • You can use your credit cards or debit card to pay online by visiting the official NJ surcharge website – www.njsurcharge.com. It is convenient for all major debit and credit cards. However, a processing fee of 2-3% may be charged by banks for this method.

  • You can call an official NJ toll-free number (844)424-6829 and pay using your ATM card.
  • Direct payment at the Western Union Money Transfer office in the USA
  • Payment through a cheque or money order


Is www.njsurcharge.com Still Functional?

The official website for the payment of surcharges in New Jersey is www.njsurcharge.com. This website, however, is not functional anymore. The courts of New Jersey have permanently shut down njsurcharge.com. However, they have moved this website to a new upgraded NJ surcharge portal on the NJ State website. The payments can still be conveniently completed in this New State web portal. 


How Many Points Are Charged For Speeding Tickets in New Jersey?

The fines are charged as per your Overspeed than the limit range in New Jersey. You will be charged as per the speed you were going over. The range of speeding charges varies from $85 to $260. 

  • If you are over by 1 to 9 mph, you will be charged 2 points, and the fine is $85. 
  • If you exceed the limit by 10 to 15 mph, you will be charged $95 and 2 points on your license. 
  • $105 is charged with 4 points on license for going 10 to 19 mph over the accepted limit. 
  • If you are 20 to 24 mph over the limit, then 4 points with a fine of $200 are charged. 
  • Forgoing 25 to 29 mph over the speed limit, you will be charged $220 with 4 points. 
  • If you are overspeeding 30 to 34 mph, then 5 points with $240 are charged. 
  • For 35 to 39 over the limit, you will be fined $260 and 5 license points. 

Note:- You will have to pay a fine of $34 if you fill overspeeding charges in the court of law. 



Surcharges are an unavoidable part of daily life. They are complicated and confusing. Most of us pay them without any knowledge or investigation into the matter. However, it is essential to know how these things work. You need to analyze your surcharges and check them properly before paying them.

There are many simple ways of spending your surcharges. It can be done online or offline according to your convenience. The various options regarding this are online payment through the new portal in the NJ State website (the former surcharge website being closed now), paying through a phone call, or at the Western Union Money Transfer office or through a cheque money order. One can choose the best suitable option and quickly keep their surcharges in check. 


Plead Not Guilty in NJMC?

Getting a parking ticket is a prevalent part of daily life. It happens and can be quite pestering. While most people tend to pay for their ticket and ignore the matter, not looking into it much, many people feel that they are not guilty of it. They think wrongly accused when they receive a parking ticket and wish to plead guilty, justifiable. In such cases, they want to fight their case for this offense. There is an elaborate process to do this. 


What Happens When You Get a Parking Ticket?

When you get a parking ticket in New Jersey, there are two possible scenarios. The first being you can pay for your parking ticket online by visiting the website njmcdiret.com. Another option is if you feel you are not guilty of the violation, you can fight your case against the offense by going to the municipal court. This process will finally decide if you are guilty of the breach and deserve the parking ticket.

The chances of this happening are significantly less. However, if you strongly feel about this, then you must fight for your rights. If you accept the ticket and pay the fine, that will add violation points to your driving license, and then that will again require you to pay surcharges. When this goes on, after a certain point in time, the driving license will be canceled. Thus, if you feel that you have been careful enough and wrongfully given the parking ticket, then you must fight your case by pleading not guilty in the New Jersey Municipal Court.

How To Plead Not Guilty in NJMC?

When you have decided to fight your case, then you need to follow the following steps:

  1. The first and most important thing to do in this case is to read the parking ticket you received thoroughly and understand it correctly. It would be best if you had a comprehensive idea of why you received the parking ticket in the first place.
  2. Your ticket contains a lot of details necessary for your case, including the date. You should never forget the date. 
  3. You must attend the court on the given date to fight our case. But in case you have just been given a date to pay the fine on your parking ticket, then you must appear in court a day before that date. 
  4. If you fail to comprehend something and have doubts in your mind, then call the New Jersey court clerk. They will provide you with their full support and assistance regarding your ticket. 
  5. Despite following all these steps, if you still feel that you cannot plead guilty for any reason, you can appear in front of a judge and raise your concerns. In this case, it is also advisable to hire a lawyer. It will be of tremendous help. They will provide you with accurate counsel and guide you on what would be best suitable to do next.


A parking ticket may seem like an insignificant matter and not something that deserves our utmost concern and attention in the busy day-to-day lives. But they can be cumbersome and can even result in getting your license suspended.

They also come with annual fines and surcharges. So if you feel you are not guilty and should not have received a parking ticket, you can plead not guilty in court and fight your case. If you can prove yourself not guilty, then not only will it serve you justice but also free you from the violation points that could result in your license being suspended. There are a series of steps to be followed for this to happen conveniently for you.


How To Know If Your License is Expired?

Having a valid and adequately working license is highly necessary. A driving license is a legal document. It is the actual proof that you are fit to drive and operate a vehicle. Thus it is crucial to keep your consent up to date. If you have an expired license and continue to drive with it, you can be heavily penalized to break the law. Apart from that, if you have an expired license in case of an accident, then your insurance company will refuse to settle your claims. Thus it is essential to renew your license upon expiration regularly. 

It is effortless to renew your license using online methods. But first of all, you need to make sure if your license is expired or has been suspended by N.J. Municipal court. This is because, in case of your license expiration, you will have to deal with the NJ MVC (New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission), while in case of a suspension, you will have to deal with the New Jersey Municipal court. Both of them function very differently.

The NJ Municipal court suspends your license once the maximum traffic violation point limits are reached. The NJ MVC makes a record of this suspension, and in this case, you will be able to reapply for your license restoration after a certain period. Before applying for the restoration, however, you must clear all the past ticket violation bills and surcharges outstanding. 


How to Get Your NJ License Back?

First of all, to know the reason for the suspension of your license, you can contact the NJ MVC through the contact numbers – (609) 292-6500 [Paid line] or 1-888-486-3339 (toll-free number). You can ask for any information regarding your license on this call. Since the NJ MVC has all your driving records on a file, it is a great source to obtain that information. It is also essential to keep yourself updated with your driving records information. The following information can be inquired for:

  • The time you will have to wait to restore your license.
  • Any surcharges that you might owe to the NJ MVC and its details.
  • Any MVC license restoration programs you might have to complete, like the DRC or Defence Driving Course. This is for those cases where the license might have been suspended because of Aggressive driving or Drunk and drive cases. 

Suppose N.J has suspended your license. Municipal court, then you can get information relating to this from the NJ MVC. You can even request for this information to be mailed to your address. This will require a fee of $15, and it will be sent to your home address. 


Methods of Paying N.J. License Restoration Fee

The restoration fee for your New Jersey is $100. You can pay this fee online or offline, depending on your convenience. The various methods of this are:

  1.  To pay the fee online first, you need to go to the NJ MVC official online payment page. Other requirements are: 
  • Your Area Zipcode must be the same as that on your driving license record.
  •  Social Security Number (SSN).
  •  Driving license number with no spaces
  • Payment can be made with a credit card or debit card.
  1. You can also pay the fee at your nearby NJ MVC office. 
  2. A cheque can also be issued or a money order payable to the NJ MVC. You must send the payment details and your driving license information to the following address. 

New Jersey Motor Vehicle

Commission, P.O. Box 140,


NJ 08650-0140


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


What to do in case I lost my traffic ticket?

You must report in case you lose your traffic ticket. You can contact the local police department, the parking authority in your area, or the NJMC.

What do if I disagree with the information on my traffic ticket?

You can contact the NJMC customer services on the number mentioned above if you have any queries regarding the traffic ticket details. You can also visit the New Jersey Court and clear out your issues. 

What is the fee for paying the traffic ticket through an online portal?

You will be charged 3% of your total amount, and this charge is the service fee. 



An updated driving license is an essential part of today’s world. Online technology has made it a straightforward affair to keep it updated. There are various methods to renew your license and pay your restoration fee. You can choose the one best suitable for you and keep your license updated and yourself out of most trouble. 

We hope that this information is helpful to you. If you have any doubts regarding this post, you can ask us through the comments.

Thanks for visiting our site:)